How to choose wedding dress according to body type

Choose a wedding dress,you must find your body defect and select a wedding dress that not only could enlarges your body strength but also invisibility your body shortcoming then that will make you looks more attractive!!
Generally speaking, European girl’s figures are divided into three types: inverted triangle shape, regular triangle shape and water cup shape.
1.Inverted triangle shape
The inverted triangle figure usually have wider upper, because fat is usually divided into the upper part of the body. And the lower part is just fine. So the key of choosing wedding dress is hidden the the upper part of the rounded upper body, and the thin lower part can be exposed
So pick wedding dress preferred chapel train wedding dress, so that the proportion of the lower half and upper body appears symmetrical, and the waist-tight design could also elongates the visual effect
Sexy backless wedding dress is also suitable for the inverted triangle body bride. Because the shoulder is wider, choosing a backless dress or a long skirt dress can turn the attention to the lines of your exposed back
And if you want to choose a long-sleeved wedding dress to cover the flesh of the upper body, remember not to choose a tight style wrapped in the arm, that will be more covered fat. Instead, retro lantern sleeves are a good way to completely cover up
In addition of these way, you could show your own strength ,generally speaking, this body type bride always have more slender leg, so you could try the wedding dress of leg height split that will completely show your sexy!
2.Regular triangle shape
The regular triangle is a pear-shaped body, the lower half of the body compared to the upper body, will be slightly fat, belly and buttocks big but limbs are very thin.
The wedding dress with a small fish tail is also suitable for the right triangle. Remember it’s a tiny fish’s tail. The hem is a little bigger than the common fish’s tail. The waist should be tight enough to show the body’s good looking.
The open-back wedding dress is also suitable for the triangle figure of the bride, pay attention to the wedding dress train, also must be very big or ball gown! This will not allow people to pay attention to your small belly meat or your big butt.
3.Water cup shape
The water cup type is what we usually call X shape,with amazing chest and waist, which is the most suitable body to wear wedding dress.
Sexy backless fishtail wedding dress is the style you will absolute love it ! Good shape need to be show up!!
The basic straight breast type style is also suitable for this figure , in the style selection can be a little careful, such as the popular thin gauze wedding dress in 2017, layers of stacked lace push this subtle romantic to the extreme.
Ca-dresses have thousands of wedding dresses
You will find a style that best suits your figure

The poetic scene of the French countryside

1.Monique Lhuillier, a Philippines American designer in the name of extravagant wedding dresses, appeal to the country style dress !The theme of “ Escape to the French Countryside” will last the whole summer!The embroidered dress shows woman’s appearance in bloom.
2.Romantic pleat and matte color
The romantic fold on the light tulle, the layer of flowing matte color, light yellow, rose red, blue green and crepe pink, and the dream of the multi level skirt blend out of the beautiful picture
3.In addition to the more complicated designs mentioned above, the girl who advocates simplicity may be more suitable for the surging momentum dress produced by the clipping

Unique Wedding Dress

A unique wedding dress is always impressive. Now the wedding designers are planning to change the trend of the wedding dress, making the wedding dress more diversified, not just white, or Mermaid Wedding dress. Let’s take a look at some unique wedding dresses. All of these wedding dresses can be bought at Ca-dress
1.Two in one style
Two in one style is not the latest style, but its multi-purpose and variability have always been popular with people. Generally this style has a detachable train, wearing a wedding dress with train will be more solemn at wedding, and at the end of the wedding,you could unloaded train so that action could be more light
2.The Slit
The design of the slit is originated from China, which makes you very sexy but not very nude. Skirts will show you skin ever and agah when you walk around, make people want to see clear but unable to see. This design of dress is very attractive !
3.Colorfully wedding dress
Colorfully wedding dress is a popular wedding dress in recent years. It breaks through the concept of wedding dress can only be a white design, creating a new field. Just imagine how amazing and unforgettable it will be when people see you wearing a colorful wedding dress !
4.Black wedding dress
Black wedding dress is the most incomprehensible wedding dress, but in Spain, the black wedding dress represents loyalty, which means that the bride’s love for the bridegroom will never die. Choosing such a wedding dress requires great courage and love from the bride.
Black gives people a sense of calm, deep and mysterious, while in the fashion world, black represents a stable and dignified. The black wedding dress has an aristocratic atmosphere and a modern sense. Such a wedding dress will be full of personality !

Bridesmaid Wedding Dress Color

Wedding is a grand ceremony. At the wedding, the bride’s wedding dress is the most dazzling, and as a foil, the color and design of the bridesmaid’s Bridesmaid skirt can also make a beautiful color for the wedding. Let’s look at the current most popular Bridesmaid skirt color system.
Burgundy red is a low-key, restrained and luxurious color. Dress in burgundy color can bring out girl’s white and soft. At the same time, the white wedding dress can become particularly evident in the burgundy. Also If you want your wedding to be full of jubilation, you can choose the bridesmaid skirt with this color.

2.Dark Green
Dark green is an never out of fashion color, you can see it on various occasions, green can be soft, elegant, and can be trendy. if properly designed ,the dark green skirt will definitely give you a pleasant surprise. And dark green skirts can be used not only as bridesmaids dress, but also the dress when they go out to play.

Lavender is the color of girls. Many people used to use lavende to make Bridesmaid skirt color since long ago, and now lavende is still in popular . The wedding of lavende color brings people a kind of beautiful feeling, which makes people feel very warm and comfortable. At the same time, it makes the wedding elegant!

Four most popular wedding dresses material

When choosing a wedding dress, the bride not only look at the style, but also choose the material that she likes. Nowadays, more and more wedding materials are available, and the bride wondering how to choose . But the most classic materials are just as popular as before. Let’s look at the four most popular wedding dresses material .

1.Lace: light and romantic
Lace border or lace swing is not uncommon in wedding dress design. This wedding material is transparent and delicate, and many girls like to express their romantic temperament with it.
In recent years, designers come up with the idea that lace could be the main material of wedding dresses. Use lace for the outermost layer of the shoulders, waist or even the entire skirt, the skin and inner fabric could be vaguely seen through lace ,flickering and graceful. Light material and uneven touch enhance the sense of dignity and taste of wedding dress

2.Chiffon: fluttering and moving
The bride who follows the sense of elegance will choose the chiffon fabric as the material of the wedding dress. Chiffon fabric is light and thin, suitable for the hot summer wedding, which can reflect the feeling of romantic lightness.

3.Tulle: fluffy and lovable
The tulle is often be used on the lovely princess skirts, and because tulle could give people a kind of cute feeling , it also be used for the wedding dress. Who does not want to be attracted to the wedding like a princess, and the design of this kind of tulle best satisfies the bride’s expectation of the dream wedding.

4.Satin: gentle and graceful
Satin fabrics are warm and bright, with strong surface luster. Simple cutting can embody femininity. At the wedding, with soft lighting, it should be full of makeup and full of flavor. If you choose a satin texture wedding dress, you can match the simple hair and short veil to show the neck curve, which is very suitable for the tall and slender bride.

The combination of the satin fabric and other wedding dress materials is also a lot. This splicing makes the wedding dress rich in texture, and it is easier to reflect the exquisite details and the bride’s attentively dressed.

2018 spring and summer wedding dress week: Trend of 10 wedding dress

1. Long wedding dresses with exaggerated bows
This Hollywood style strong wedding dress is back. Bow elements appear on different brands of wedding dress, whether it is small and delicate hand sleeve ornament, or super large and ground bow decoration, all outline a kind of elegant
2.Beading wedding dress
Jewelry is absolutely necessary for every bride to match the wedding dress, but have you ever thought of making it a part of the wedding dress directly? The wedding dress mix up jewels immediately become more personable, whether they want to take a relaxed, elegant, or luxuriant style, and different pearls can create new visual effects.
3. Wedding glove
Classic elegant wedding gloves are not common accessories for bridal, if you like classical wedding style, you could try the Reem Acra 2018 spring summer series of Satin Wedding Gloves, or Monique Lhuillier modern wedding gown gloves!
4. Stereoscopic flower wedding dress
Stereoscopic flower adds a unique texture to the pure white wedding dress. The dress full of flowers and the wedding dress looks more romantic.
5. Fluttering short sleeved wedding dress
For the brides like the Bohemian style, 2018 spring and summer wedding veil sleeves or shoulders are designed to be your favorite . Elegant short sleeve wedding dress design is especially suitable for beach wedding with sea breeze blowing.

The nine big trends of bridal gowns in 2018.

1. Princess Cloak

Designers believe that you will skip the veil ,wear your wedding dress with a unique shawl on your wedding day as you so like Snow white. Whether they are long,medium or mini, shawls will always shining on the wedding fashion week. I believe that the bride will like this trend next winter.


2. Short jackets with wedding dress

Don’t like to go to Disneyland? No problem!We have many wedding dresses carefully paired with cool short jackets, decorated with beautiful lace which you can choose from.We promise that this will not only be the dress you can wear on your wedding day, but also the clothes you can wear after marriage.


3, false sleeves
According to the trend of the wedding dress, designers are still keen on show the bride’s shoulders ,but in this season this trend will be intermittent .Detached sleeve changed from the fluffy fashionable lace to the trend of slim and lace, this created a beautiful shoulder dress actually it is a strapless dress.

4, middle length skirt swing
Beijing Wedding Shop appeals to all Audrey Hepburn fans! The newest trend of wedding dress length is directly pulled out of the goddess’s wardrobe screen in 1950s. Another feeling for designers in the next autumn is the wedding dress with medium length swing .This sweet trend makes the bride to be reborn. Retro fashion is a classic form that many brides want.


5 pink and nude
Pink and nude color are a new red trend. From Naeem Khan’s pink, peach and Elie Saab, Alexandra Grecco, Inbal Dror and so on, the romantic wedding trend will continue.

6. Mini wedding dress
In the fall of 2018, all the brides should show their legs, although there are a lot of dresses that look graceful but this doesn’t mean that the designer won’t break it. The mini wedding dress and shorts are not abandoned because of the popularity. Whether it’s a complete miniskirt or a modern suit or even a short suit, next year’s bride will dare to show it.


7.Pantsuit wedding dress
In the wedding dress series in the spring and summer of 2018, there are various types of pantsuit wedding dress, which not only have a simple and sharp cutting, but also a combination of the trend elements of the season

8. The bow tie of the shoulder
The bow tie are not new to the trend of wedding, but there is a new classic in this season. On the bridal fashion week, the position of the bow is on the shoulders.

9, minimalism
Beijing Wedding Shop sometimes feels simple is the best! It can also be used on gorgeous wedding dresses. Without heavy decoration, without too many cumbersome, only a clean look and full of modern design, the interpretation of the simplest happiness, which makes us all desire to the minimalism of the 90s.


4 Tips to purchase bridal gowns online

I believe that most people enjoy the convenience of online shopping. Good quality at cheaper price attract them to purchase items online. Today i will tell some tips to purchase bridal gowns online. Take notes of them.

Long time ago, there was a little girl. When she watched snow white, she had a dream that she would like to wear a white dress. I believe that every girl had a such dream. While the wedding date is confirmed, there must be a variety of things waiting for them. From invitation cards, wedding banquets, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, wedding style, wedding venue to others. The couple will feel very busy. Some brides will choose to loose weight to show nice side on her big day.


1. Choose two more online stores

When you have many choices, you will know which one is more suitable for you. Whether the price, promotions, delivery date or customer service. You can match it and let the best store make your dress. Try to avoid to choose dresses at too low price, because the cost of dress always keep one level, if price is not reasonable, the quality will not satisfy you. Of course, if you buy a dress at high price, dress comes with a small flaw won’t meet your expectations. Remember to ask many questions, only you know more about the product, you can enjoy a nice online shopping.

2. Confirm your info twice

Sometimes people will make mistakes and it couldn’t be avoided. Before you place the order, you need to confirm all your info. Such as dress picture, shipping address, the number of dresses. If you don’t get what you want, it will bring trouble to you, mainly about your time and strength. You have other things to do. If you have enough time, this can be solved. So buy your dress in advance, at least one month. Alterations should be taken into consideration.

3. Ask your friends for advice

If you don’t want to find online store, you can ask your friends for advice. They usually have good shopping experience online. They will recommend some stores to you. Then you need to contact with them and know their situation. At the bottom of the site or dress page, there usually are important info which you are interested in.


4. The variety of wedding dresses

Simple style, sophisticated series, all varieties of wedding dresses can be found in many sites. You need to know which color you prefer. They usually have white and ivory. You can decide the color depending on your skin color. If you have alluring shoulder, we recommend that you choose strapless dresses, sweetheart series, v neck series. They are very popular in most of brides. If your destination is beach, beach wedding dresses are very suitable.


Wish all of you have a perfect wedding.

7 Tips to select dreamy wedding dresses before wedding

Every girl has a dream of wearing beautiful wedding dresses. Wedding dresses are very significant and indispensable for every bride. How to select a dreamy wedding dress is very important before wedding.

Wedding Dresses

Here are 7 tips. Be a confident bride and you won’t be too anxious.

1. Confirm the budget

Before you buy bridal dress, you need to consider how much it will cost. Follow your budget. If you choose to buy it in the local store, you should consider alteration fee and Postage fee.

2. Know your wedding dress style

Wedding style will depend on wedding venue, season and other factors. Choose your wedding dresses according to your wedding time and theme style. If wedding is held outdoors, you had better pick a sleeve dress or shawl to prevent yourself from tanning. Select a thick wedding dress in winter, choose a little thin dress in summer.

3. Dress fabric

Fabric is the most crucial factor in determining the quality of a wedding dress. Wedding dress is generally made of satin, gauze or lace fabric. Good fabric has bright colors, them feel soft and comfortable.

4. Wedding Dress Production

Wedding production is divided into hand-made and machine-made. Now most of the wedding dresses are the combination of manual and mechanic methods. Handmade wedding are more sophisticated.The details are more perfect. Most senior wedding belong to hand-made.

wedding dress

5. Style Design

There are a variety of styles of wedding dresses. For neckline style, strapless, off-Shoulder, deep V-Neck, scoop, high neck. For silhouette, sheath, A-line, ball gown, mermaid. You could try on different style. Mermaid wedding dresses and lace wedding dresses are very popular. Finally, you will know which one is your favorite.

6. Pay attention to details

The details of the dress directly reflects the quality of one thing. Lace and the pearl above the lace are particularly important. Pay attention to check whether the suture is sturdy, whether there are redundant thread, whether it is different.

dress details

7. Suitable Size

When you choose wedding dresses, you need to know the main size, bust, waist, hips and height. You had better choose bigger dress instead of smaller dress. Because it is easier to make alterations for bigger dress.

wedding dress store

Tips to prepare your wedding

flower and ring

Wedding is a significant and important event in people’s life. It will take a couple of months to prepare it. From selection of wedding dresses, shoes, decorations, to wedding destinations. You will be busy with various things. There are many tips to prepare your wedding.

wedding pictures

1. Selection of Wedding Dresses

Touch soft sands, listen to the voice of nature and enjoy the scenery of sunset. If you would like to have a beach wedding, nothing is better than beach wedding dresses. The color depends on you skin. Some brides look more beautiful wearing white wedding dresses. Try to avoid choosing ball gown wedding dresses, or you will be very tired and exhausted. Because weight of this series is not light. If you have enough budget, go to local store, select from nice wedding dresses. Then try them on and confirm which one is best. Call your friends and drive your car on weekends. Maybe you can ask your friends for suggestion. However, it is your wedding. Let your sense decide the most suitable one. After you buy it, share your happiness with your families. If your budget is not enough and you want to save this part of expenses, there are many cheap wedding dresses stores.

wedding store

2. Wedding Decorations

Flower plays an important role in wedding decorations. Wedding bouquet, arch, ceremony venues. If you need plenty of flower, you can go to the local flower market. Choose seasonal flowers will save your expenses. Choose some friends and they will design many distinctive decorations that wow your guests. Design a path filled with flowers. Various boards with humorous sentences will leave a deep impression on all the people.

3. Wedding Budget

Before you start your plan. You can ask you family to get together. Talk with them and they are willing to help you to go on wedding preparation. If the budget is over your funds, your parents will tell you how much they will offer. After you confirm the amount of money. Then it is time to make arrangements. Make a list of guests firstly. Make sure that you plans are in control.